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The night sleeper

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It’s been years since I took a sleeper train and then I take two on successive nights. It worked out well as I was at a performance of The Minotaur last night (if you are in London go, it is a wonderfully, lyrically rich, musically outstanding myth and metaphor that makes you think, while transcending reality). It finished at 2220 giving me enough time to get to Euston for the 2345 sleeper to Edinburgh. I return tomorrow, overnight again to an Accreditation Course in London.

There is a sort of romance to the night sleeper, shades of Agatha Christie and all that although the Caledonian Sleeper is no Orient Express. However you get a comfortable berth, a cup of tea and bacon roll in the morning and land in Edinburgh at 0730 in time for a shower before moving on to a day of meetings. A lot less hassle than finding an over priced hotel room and dealing with a too-early or too-late flight. A good use of time, no plastic bags needed for the liquids and a wee dram before retiring ….