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Rawhide & “Rocket Science is easy”

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Nice pod cast from Jonnie Moore & Tom Guarriello, Tom has a great title: Chief Idea Officer .

I found it checking Technorati links to my name. Yes I know that is sad, but you need to these days for reasons of protection as much as ego. If you like part one, then part two is also available. The basis is their dislike of the concept of driving organisational change.

The Podcast a great job, through conversation of getting some key points across. They start with a reflection that the cowboy metaphor of herding cattle has influenced organisational change practice. I am old enough to be able to hum the tune to Rawhide so a whole set of images came to mind when I heard this. There is also a delightful attack on the recipe book approach of most consultancy and a lovely Sufi quote round about 18 minutes in,

Part two looks at living with uncertainty and the use of silence in facilitation along with a lot of wisdom. One of the things I like is that recognise the principle of bounded applicability that is key to the Cynefin model. Listen to the comments on emergency room leadership in part two to get a sense of this. Their comments on the use of strucutre to create meaning in virtual environments is also insightful.

Euan and I are planning a pod cast together if we can ever coincide our diaries – if we can do half as good a job as this we will be doing well.