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manan TE DIGO DONDE Te los pasaportes

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Farshad whose company is leading the development of Sensemaker™ has a great tradition where his whole family go and live somewhere other than his normal haunts for a month every year. They set up the infrastructure so he can carry on working, but change their environment. This year was Argentina and on his blog he tells a tragic-comic story of what happened when a thief stole passports, credit cards etc. It is a great story in it’s own right, but it also contains an interesting lesson. The theif had also taken their mobile phone so they were able to set up a dialogue which ended up with a late night hand-over of all bar the money at blockbuster at la plata av and saenz caapital federal. Key to this was the gradual creation of trust between thief and victim established through a series of anonymous text messages. An interesting example of how connectivity changes behaviour – and a great story.