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Making connections in the Cog-Edge network.

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Last week I was pleased to make connections with two members of the Cognitive Edge network: Julian Still and Gloria Fox. Julian was in California to meet with coordinators of an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise program – a wonderful new and green slant on organizational social responsibility that is growing quickly on the US west coast. He visited my lab, met my students, and very generously gave them an overview of the work he does using the Cog-Edge framework. The students were very intrigued by the framework, which makes me excited about teaching it in my graduate seminar next semester.
Gloria Fox is a Knowledge Manager in an east coast law firm, and is also a psychologist. We share an interest in aviation as well as a previous career as a flight attendant! What a small world…with many coincidences… It’s great to know that the Cog Edge network is active and is populated by interesting people. I look forward to continued communication with these and other practitioners.