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I gave the opening keynote at Ark’s KM conference for the legal profession in Amsterdam earlier today and thanks to Twitter ended up with a series of meetings at the Schipol Airport Starbucks before heading back for the UK. For those waiting for the podcast, I am very sorry but the recording is a mess. Holding the iPod really didn’t work and whole sections are missing. However all is not lost. I gave two similar keynotes at KM World (savage polemical so you have been warned) and KM Asia (a little more placid) late last year and I have linked to the podcasts which in turn link to the slides. OK its not about legal per se, but the messages are more or less universal. Ark have the actual slides so they will make them available on their web site. Those wanting more back up material can trace through the links from this blog. You will also find a one day seminar on KM in two parts, here and here from KM Asia.

For those interesting in getting into a lot more detail, Cognitive Edge runs three day training courses around the world, details here and I will, as advertised be running a one day seminar on complexity for the ARK group, focused on legal later in the year. All of those training courses are available in house and as fully tailored options