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Cynefin: revised leadership table

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I managed to get back to daily blogging in November, albeit with the odd retrospective posting.  Its good to be back in the grove and hopefully the lapses of the last year or so are now behind me.  The weekly walking regime is the other discipline in my life at the moment and the two are not unconnected.  

I was asked the other day about the table on Leadership that appears in the HBR article that I co-authored with Mary Boone A Leaders Guide to Decision Making.  If you haven't read it, then its easy to find.  Now that table was one of the last things added to the article, partly on the suggestion of one of the many editors who got involved and overall I find little fault with it.  But it was created some years ago and its time for an update.  It also allows me to create something that people can re-produce without issues over copyright etc and its a new creation.  I hereby grant any reader of this blog to right to use it, with attribution.  If you want an original let me know.  

I've tried to get a pattern to the responses which is hopefully evident.  My first draft including a disorder row and a future version may well do so but it proved too difficult this time out.  It does contain a lot of short hand, but regular readers will hopefully understand them all but feel free to ask for clarification.  I've added it to the material that will be taught in Seattle and Boston over the next two weeks – I set off on that journey tomorrow.

As with the subdomain frameworks for chaos and complexity consider this a work in progress.  And, for the avoidance of doubt, the opening picture is intended to be ironic.