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Cognitive Edge announces training courses for 2016 – Working with Complex Problems

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As we head into the Northern Summer/Southern Winter (delete as applicable), we’re announcing our timetable of new courses for the second half of 2016.

So far, we have announced three more Cynefin and Sense-Making courses with Dave Snowden and a variety of courses to introduce people to the practicalities of running SenseMaker® projects.  Today we’re announcing practitioner-focused courses on complexity and the Cynefin framework.  Still to come in this series of announcements are partner-led subject-specific courses for Agile practitioners and for government and policy-makers.

Course 1: Dealing with Complex Problems

These courses are recommended for anyone looking for practical techniques to develop in-house approaches to issues like:

  • culture
  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • engagement
  • knowledge.

The course equips you with tools to build healthier, more effective working environments through pragmatic methods and exercises.  Most techniques are used in the flagship Cynefin and Sense-Making courses, but here they are covered with less focus on a need to understand the underlying theory.

Techniques and exercises are run through, with recommendations of how and where to apply them, examples of their use to knowledge management, transformational change, customer and employee engagement, risk management and much more.

If you’re dealing with people, teams or organisations that are struggling with uncertain and difficult problems, these exercises will re-frame the problem, help identify new approaches and energise people to move forward constructively.

  • New York, USA – 4-5 Oct 2016. 
    • Book now for the Early Bird discount, saving US$135
  • There will be more of these courses announced shortly – and we have slightly more flexibility about scheduling these.  If you want one near you and you think there are enough people, ask us!

Course 2: Managing in Complexity. A masterclass with Dave Snowden

With local partner More Beyond in South Africa, Dave is running a brand new two-day masterclass in Johannesburg with the excellent Sonja Blignaut.  While there will be theory, the focus is on the practical application of Cynefin and other related complexity-based methods.  Full details are here.

Topics will include:

  • An introduction to Complexity Thinking – and its implications for leadership & management
  • Cynefin – emerging, contextualizing and applying Cynefin
  • Managing and strategising in Complexity using ABIDE
  • Various practical methods and applications including Ritual Dissent & Future Backwards & Heuristics mapping
  • Designing Safe-to-Fail experiments
  • Heuristics and self-organising teams



As on all our courses, there are discounts for groups attending the courses (book three people and a fourth can attend free), for academics, NGOs and Premium Cognitive Edge network members.  Contact Lisa at training@cognitive-edge.com for more details and discount codes.

Tailored courses

What does your organisation need to know?

We also realise that some organisations may want the skills provided by these courses, but applied in a specific environment dealing with sensitive or confidential information. If you would prefer an in-house confidential training, contact us.

Recent in-house courses have covered the basics of Cynefin, Complex Facilitation Techniques and elements of SenseMaker® projects for tech manufacturers, agile coaches, digital marketing experts, aid and development organisations and more.