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Apologies to Lydia

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In some ways this post does not really exist as I crossed the date line in a westerly direction and thus the 3rd of August is missing from my life.   Ok around a week ago I lived the 28th of July twice, arriving in Houston around the same time (and date) I left Wellington.  Now I know the logic of this, but time is important to humans and this never seems right no matter how often I do it.

Now had this been 1031 I would have missed the canonisation of Olaf II by Grimketel Bishop of Selsey in England.  In 1860 I would have missed the start of the first Maori War and in 1914 the declaration of war on France by Germany.  The first martyr of the Church, St Stephen, had his body found this day and shares the celebration with St Lydia (pictured) who was Paul's first convert and sold dyes, hence her name The Woman of Purple.  She is the first recorded convert, if we ignore Paul himself and was a dealer in luxury goods.  So its probably the first establishment saint, but by no means the last.