Michael Cheveldave

A wonderful first visit to New Zealand!

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I'm enroute home after a business trip that had me in Singapore, Melbourne, and Auckland.  Although Singapore is starting to be a regular place for me to travel to, it was my second visit to Melbourne, and my first visit to Auckland.  Interestingly it was my first trip to Melbourne late in June which is where I met Gillian from Assurity that sparked the idea for Cognitive Edge to host a couple training sessions in Auckland.  It did not take me long at all to become quite fond of New Zealand and the Sunday walk with Dave at Tawharanui park north of Auckland was truly spectacular.  The image to the left was one of my favourite photos from Sunday and was from a set of over 300 photos I took that day.  I believe Dave took even more!

The way that networks link and connect continues to impress me and it is fundamentally the way that awareness in our work and with our training program continues to expand.  Assurity was our informal host this past week in Auckland and we worked together to attract participants to both our Foundations and Advanced training programs.  In the photo to the right Gillian, Mary, and Gareth stand with Dave for a pic during day 1 of the Advanced course.  Many thanks to Assurity for working with us to pull off a successful and well attended program.  From a series of meetings both during and adjacent to the training program have generated significant interest in CE methods and SenseMaker®.  Assisting network members deliver on projects there will be quite enjoyable.

As we continue to expand our education program please keep in mind that both in-house and co-hosted sessions are always available.  Just reach out to Dave, Warwick, or me if you want to explore some options and we would be glad to coordinate calendar dates with you.