One of the great pleasures of coming to the US is the availability of corned-beef hash cooked in a skillet.   Ok the bread is crap, if you are lucky processed white, no wholemeal, but corned beef with vegetables and poached eggs takes some beating.   A few instructions to the wait rose yesterday morning and it was diabetic friendly.  Add to that a full bowl of berries and life started well.   It set me up for a slippery taxi ride yesterday through the snow.   I took a bus for breakfast with Esther Derby this morning to talk about a new agile initiative on professionalism (no more for the moment) and having failed to get into an eccentric cuban place we ended up in a dinner which had as good if not better!

The boots I bought in Halifax also proved brilliant.   Walking to the bus stop and standing around for five teen minutes in sub zero temperatures is not fun.  However good clothes and brilliant boots made it easy.   Breakfast over it is another day of masterclass then I have a big keynote before flying home on Friday.

Mind you the boots will be the final straw when I pack on Friday.   I just got them into luggage on monday but now I have a set of back T-shirts and other acquired material which are going to give me a packing problem.  I may need to wear them back on the plane.

The snow is set here and the temperature low, but in general people know what they are doing and the city is prepared.  OK british towns have failures as well, but the area of concern is people who do not know to use the clutch not the brake (UK that is) or similar basics.  In the UK such water is occasional so our reactions are not habituated.  

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