Social Network Stimulation

Social Network Stimulation (SNS) aims to intervene in an organisation in such a way as to reduce years of casual acquaintance into months or weeks. SNS replicates how social relationships form, but telescopes the time down to do this and as a result reduces degrees of separation. It does this in a novel way while addressing other organisational issues / challenges. As these issues are addressed a denser social fabric across silos forms, which leads to significant improvements in overall organizational effectiveness. When a person joins a large organization, how long does it take until he or she is this well connected? Years? What if you could condense that time into weeks or months? At an personal level, what impact would this have on their role and their productivity? At an organisational level how would that beneficially impact the organisation? Successful people in an organisation are almost always well connected; they are within a few connections of most people in an organisation, especially those who are critical to what they do. This typically occurs as people spend time together, through work projects, teams and often augmented by social activities. Over time as people migrate from one job to the next, they accumulate a collection of residual relationships. The experience of these relationships are inherently based on trust and reciprocity. They build social capital that ebbs and flows across the organisation to its benefit.

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