September 11, 2010
Can you tell what it is yet?
A few weeks ago I spent a day with other European Cognitive Edge practitioners who got together at Luton Airport […]
September 9, 2010
Narrative refit
We have a wonderful set of guides at Coventry Cathedral who add a tremendous amount of value for visitors by […]
September 8, 2010
Impact of Cultural Differences Part 2
Over a year ago Dave Snowden wrote a blog entitled “The occult insignificance of meaningless numbers” in which he stated […]
September 7, 2010
Impact of Cultural Differences Part 1
I remember my first time in a supermarket in the USA, it was over 20 years ago and I was […]
September 5, 2010
How many uses are there for a bell curve…
I’m working on a meatier blog for the next few days, so tonight just a link with minimal comment to […]
September 2, 2010
Understanding in Context
Dave Snowden blogged recently on the importance of context and said None of us know how we would act in […]
September 1, 2010
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
It’s been a long day and I offer a little light relief in the shape of this YouTube video. For […]
August 31, 2010
Proverbs 2:6
I’m just back from two days at Greenbelt, a Christian arts festival held every year at the Cheltenham race course […]
August 30, 2010
Hello, it’s a pleasure to be Guest Blogger here on the Cognitive Edge site! To get my stint off the […]