February 23, 2008
Why patients have to be doctors today
I want to thank Dave for kindly inviting me to be the guest blogger for Cognitive-Edge this past week. I […]
February 22, 2008
Heparin and Beef: The misguided notion of control through inspection, rules and regulations
In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal I read two articles that at first glance seemed unrelated to each other. The first […]
February 21, 2008
A web-cam as a probe to explore if you can help patients faster
Recently I started doing some work with a major hospital and in preparing my first intervention I reviewed some of […]
February 19, 2008
Do executives really want cost reduction?
With the US economy getting worse every day, many executives have started to cut their budgets. Cost reduction for many […]
February 18, 2008
“Improvement must be focused on what you want, not on what you don’t want.” Russell Ackoff
Another sin I often see in companies, is that executives focus improvements on what they don’t want, rather than what […]
February 17, 2008
The forgotten whole and the flawed focus on the “lonely” parts of an organization.
In many of the companies where I am involved as an advisor or consultant, managing improvement is an inherent part […]
February 16, 2008
Can we have some safety please?
I would like to share with you an interesting case I worked on that involved influencing the safety culture in […]