October 16, 2009
Spandrels and exaptations
Brunelleschi or other architects of the renaissance did not set out to design spandrels, those curved triangular areas between the […]
October 16, 2009
Priming, framing, and exaptations
Psychology, mass media research, and even behavioral economics have of late become very interested in the phenomenon called priming or […]
October 14, 2009
Under the classical, mechanstic paradigm, identities were delimited by crisp, sharp edges — crisply defined conceptual boundaries, if you will. […]
October 14, 2009
Imprisoning neology
Today’s front page of the Wall St Journal has a hilarious article on the serious debate in France concerning whether […]
October 10, 2009
Eat my words time!
I guess Nobels also go for hope. I guess, too, that just as there are sins of omission there are […]
October 8, 2009
How do you Spot Radical Novelty?
Are the following incompatible? 1. Manufacturers and their sales force want the very “design of everyday things” to point to […]
October 7, 2009
Celebrate the Season… and Innovate
I love October. Tis the season of Nobel, MacArthur, and Booker awards — celebrations of true accomplishments not celebrity. And […]
October 5, 2009
The Short-lived Concepts of Blackmail & Privacy
I just learned that the very concept of blackmail didn’t really exist prior to the 19th century. Before the rise […]
October 4, 2009
Complexity Theory in Cuba…..
Or is it just Cuban complexity? I’m currently consumed with getting the word out about Complejidad 2010, the 5th biennial […]