Another meme, and this time a difficult one. Which five blogs make me think? I get a nasty feeling that this can only cause offense (i.e. who do I not include). So I have decided to nominate only blogs that do not come from people I know well, but instead reference the more general subject matter blogs I use. I should also make it clear that this list reflects the area in which I am currently reading the most – six months ago it would have been different, six months hence it will change.

So here goes with the list:

  1. Cognitive Daily which brings together a broad range reserach and other material from the Cognitive Sciences
  2. Thinking Meat which is in the same area, but different, an interesting set of posts on religion recently
  3. Savage Minds which is a great source of all things anthropological
  4. Rough Type for informed thinking about the role of IT in society
  5. Indexed for some of the most insightful use of cartoons, although it was difficult to choose between it and Gaping Void

Now I know I have asked others to enter this field too often so I am going to break the rules and invite anyone who reads this blog to take up the challenge. Just place a comment here to say that you are doing it, and the first five count. If no one does, then this is where it stops!

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