I promised yesterday that I would provide a list of some of the SenseMaker® based health sector projects we have been doing over the last few years including those which are currently starting or are being designed. We are consolidating these at the moment in the Centre for Applied Complexity and will publish a brief guide in a week or so’s time. We are also creating some generic projects where health boards or their equivalent can join in collaboratively and share costs and learning.

I’ve just provided the list here without commentary or further description that will come in the future. The reason to publish this, after the fact, is to give some idea of the range of interest. All of these projects were also co-developed between Cognitive Edge and user communities based on an initial two day workshop. We put it together for our session in Bradford this week and I thought it would be useful to share.

We will shortly make it possible for other people to join but if anyone has a burning need then get in touch via email or simply add a comment below.

  • Bereavement
  • Think Family (Mental Health)
  • Extern Service Users
  • Staff health and well-being
  • Living Leadership
  • Neurological Conditions: Quality of Life
  • Cope with Confidence: Living with Heart Failure
  • National Education and Welfare Board: Mission in Possible
  • Experience of Users and Carers of Mental Health Services
  • Hospice and Palliative Care: Let’s Talk
  • Patient Feedback
  • Staff Feedback
  • Unscheduled Care
  • Barriers and Enablers
  • Food Banks
  • Oncology
  • Teens & Young Adult Oncology
  • Bariatric Care
  • Mental Health Partnerships
  • Breast Cancer Genetics
  • Pain Management
  • Community / Well-being (Format: Journeys and Interviews)
  • Carers and Young Carers
  • Isolation in Communities – Older People
  • Girls’ rugby in the Valleys

The generic programmes will all be linked around the idea of a journey looking at healthy living (anti-obesity) and patient journey through institutions of various forms. One of the interesting things has been the realisation that one capture can serve many purposes. People do not live their lives in the neat compartments of service provision or research interest; they live their lives and record their anecdotal experiences. By capturing that with the high abstraction meta-data capability of SenseMaker® we can provide continuous longitudinal material to serve multiple interests.

That includes the interests of the subject who (sic) we want to make the subject not the object of their own experience and its consequences. So we will include peer to peer knowledge flow and learning in the generic projects down stream. This overall programme is personal for me as well. Having reversed (or arrested according to who you speak to) diabetes I have a personal believe in the importance of small fast feedback loops to achieve change. The Diabetes tag here will give you access to the posts I made on my journey for those interested who did not read them at the time.

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