P1010084.JPG344 Km driven

Driver now cruising, cutting people up taking no prisoners

Airline passenger stress levels started sweaty ended sweaty

0 photographs taken

Food: well breakfast was OK but the airline food left a lot t be desired
Airline food (don’t ask)

Picture:Sculpture in Matera

Last day and it starts with the alarm at 0500, leave the hotel at 0600 and head back to Naples for a 1240 flight. I chose the photograph to represent Italian driving. It was a from a sculpture park just outside Matera but my guess it is happened naturally. An Italian driver on the hairpin bends coming down the Amalfi coast, cutting an overhang and being frozen in time by the rockfall. The journey to Naples went well, no problems until we hit the airport. Then a one hour sweaty queue for checkin, a late flight leaving little time to connect in Paris and a securoty guard convinced I was concealing a weapon with the flight ten minutes from departure. It worked out but I had more exercise in the run down the terminal in Paris than on the holiday. Either way I made it (the family were already on board). I picked up a hire car in the airport and got home a lot faster than usual, and other drivers seemed upset at my behaviour from time to time. I can’t understand why.

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