Jules K. Yim

Senior Consultant

In her role as a Senior Consultant with Cognitive Edge and an Accredited Network Practitioner, Jules is involved in the design, capture and analysis of client projects. She has worked with public, private and third sector clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Prior to joining Cognitive Edge as a Consultant, she worked in various roles in wealth management, automotive tuning and e-commerce, all of which provided invaluable phronesis in relationship management.

In 2014, she relocated to the UK on a secondment to Bangor University, North Wales with the intention to set up the Cynefin Centre for Applied Complexity. In this role, Jules was responsible for signing up members such as Oxfam GB, the IFRC, Sitra, University of Bradford, Center for Public Partnerships and Research at University of Kansas, University of Utah hospital, and a consortium that included Georgetown University, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Caltech and Cornell University.

With the Cynefin Centre established, Jules now has a dual role of ensuring growth and expansion both in the Centre and at Cognitive Edge.

Jules completed a double major in English Linguistics and Literature; that training has proven invaluable in applying narrative research to her clients’ projects. Other interests include computational linguistics, urban planning and governance, futures and foresight, climate change, narrative, and the role of the rising Global South in the next century.

When she can spare the time (which isn’t often), she continues her study of Latin and Greek, primarily to facilitate a fuller understanding of the Roman and Byzantine liturgies and an appreciation for early Church history.